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Violations & Repayment

All scholarship recipients are obligated during the semester to follow the minimum guidelines of a scholarship. Scholarship awards are given out in “advance” with the promise that a recipient will follow the minimum guidelines during the semester. Receipt and/or use of any scholarship award is verification that a recipient understands and agrees to abide by the provisions of the scholarship. ANY VIOLATION of a scholarship’s minimum provisions (GPA and Enrollment) may result in 1) suspension or annulment of the award; 2) restrictions being placed on a recipient’s account; 3) repayment of an award; and/or 4) suspensions for any future scholarship awards.

The use of a Foundation scholarship is voluntary. But remember once an award is used, a recipient has acknowledged that they understand and will abide by minimum qualifications of the scholarship. Any violations may cause a recipient to repay the award in full. Violations can occur in two (2) areas: GPA and Hourly violations.

GPA VIOLATIONS – Most scholarships require a recipient to pass the semester with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. The Foundation does not count the number of A’s, B’s etc. that a recipient receives-just the term GPA.

HOURLY VIOLATIONS – Hourly violations occur when a recipient “withdraws” from a class or receives an “incomplete” or “F”. The number of hours that a recipient starts with and the number of hours that a recipient finishes must match. Any variances may cause a recipient to repay all or part of an award. The Foundation does reserve the right to consider a recipient’s ‘cumulative’ GPA on whether to put a recipient’s scholarship on a probationary status.



Please make sure you have read the section titled “Scholarship Payouts”.  During a semester, Bobby, Jenny, Harry, and Julia registered and paid for four classes (12 credit hours) and the Foundation awarded them $650 each for their scholarship. During the semester, each recipient had the following happen to them-what are the scholarship consequences?

  1. Bobby withdrew or failed (F) all of his classes and finished the semester with zero (0) credit hours;
  2. Jenny withdrew or failed one class (3 credit hours) and finished the semester with nine (9) credit hours:
  3. Harry withdrew or failed two classes (6 credit hours) and finished the semester with six (6) credit hours;
  4. Julia withdrew or failed three classes (9 credit hours) and finished the semester with three (3) credit hours.


  1. Bobby must repay the Foundation the full scholarship amount of $650.
  2. Jenny has earned 75% of her award and must repay the Foundation 25% – $162.50 ($650 x 25%)
  3. Harry has earned 50% or his award and must repay the Foundation 50% – $325 ($650 x 50%)
  4. Julia must repay the Foundation $650 because she finished with less than the minimum 6 credit hours.



The Foundation may ask a scholarship recipient to pay back their scholarship award if they have violated the scholarship’s minimum guidelines.  The recipient will be notified by the Foundation and given the amount to be repaid. All scholarship privileges will be suspended until the balance has been paid in full.

The Foundation will accept cash, checks, money orders, or credit/debit cards for repayment.  

Spring semester award violation payment deadline is September 30

Fall semester award violation payment deadline is April 30

Scholarship violations unpaid after the deadline will be handed over to a collection agency.  The collection agency will add a service charge to all claims. 


A student who is in violation may request a waiver from the Foundation.  Waiver requests must be communicated in person to the Foundation by the student.  Violations and waivers will not be discussed over the phone or by e-mail or through a parent or third party. Waivers are usually granted for circumstances happening beyond a student’s control. Some examples include – unexpected military deployment; major traffic accidents, sickness or mental health issues, domestic violence, family death, homelessness, or unexpected family welfare situations.  Waivers will not be granted for course overloads, personal time commitments, work related issues, or instructor or educational conflicts. Recipients will be notified of the final decision by GCSC e-mail or by mail.

Scholarship Violation Appeal Request Form

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