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Help A Program

The Gulf Coast State College Foundation has over 75 program funds created by donors in the community to enhance a student’s learning experience.  All it takes is a small contribution to make a big difference.  Here is an example  programs that were created through the generosity of our donors.

Thanks A Million Campaign – In many cases, federal and state governments cannot keep pace with the cost of education.  Due to these shortfalls, our military students are asked to pay for a portion of their education “out of pocket”. Proceeds from this campaign will used to help offset the cost of education for our active duty and veteran military students.  Our military students have given their all for you; now it is time to give back. 

Emergency Program Funding – Students sometimes have situations happen to them that are beyond their control.  In many the cases the students simply quit school in order to concentrate on their challenges.  Emergency funding to pay for fees, housing, daycare can go a long way to helping a student continue their education. 

Youth Program Funding – Every summer, Gulf Coast State College invites low-income children to attend summer camps on the GCSC campus.  Support for youth programs will ensure that many disadvantaged children will receive an educational experience that they will never forget. 

Visual and Performing Arts, Culinary and Athletics Program Funding – Gulf Coast State College has a rich tradition of students participating in the music, theater, visual art, culinary, and athletics.  Funds donated to these program will help continue traditional, community related programs for everyone to enjoy. 

Military Park Funding– Military Park at Gulf Coast State CollegeGulf Coast State College invites you to become a sponsor of the GCSC Military Park which honors all branches of the Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard, and all of those who serve within those branches in the Reserves, National Guard and Merchant Marines.The Military Park is a place for remembrance, honor, and reflection. It provides a constant reminder of those who have served and are currently serving our country.

A visual symbol of our patriotism and freedom, the GCSC Military Park represents the strong bonds between this community, the military, and the college.  All proceeds from memorials go to the GCSC Military Park/Veterans Affairs program fund.

Gold Patron – Permanent Marker Plaque / $500.00

Silver Patron – Permanent Bench Plaque / $250.00

Patriot Patron – Permanent Brick Paver / $50.00

For more information on how you can set up a program endowment or fund, please contact Margie Mazur, Executive Director at (850) 872-3812 / [email protected] or Lori Eldridge, Donor Relations Coordinator (850) 769-1551 x-6010 / [email protected].