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Board of Directors

2019-2020 Foundation Executive Committee​


Joe Hamner


Tony Bennett 
Vice President

Hutt, Trey

Trey Hutt 

Jerry Sowell, Jr.

Floyd Skinner Floyd Skinner 
Past President

William Cramer, Jr.

Clint Mayo


Tom Gibson

Tom Lewis
Trustee Liaison

Dr. John Holdnak
GCSC President



Directors Emeritus

Mr. Charles Abbott (1910-2010)

Ms. Karen Hanes

Dr. Robert L. McSpadden (1944-2015)

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Ms. Mary Sue Adams Mr. Frank Hall Ms. Lori Pons  
Dr. James Anderson Ms. Rebecca Hall-Cary Dr. Amal Sidani-Tabbaa  
Mr. David Ashbrook Ms. Maureen Hess Ms. Sandy Sims  
Dr. Lewis Baber Ms. Susan Hitt The Honorable Don Sirmons  
Mr. A.J. Bacon Ms. Kelly Hughes Mr. David Southall  
Mr. Les Brackett Superintendent William Husfelt Ms. April Wilkes  
Mr. Hal Burleson Mr. John Juchniewicz Ms. Caroline Windham  
Ms. Kathy Crowley Mr. Jack Kerigan    
Mr. Tyson Elmore Mr. Tom King    
Ms. Brenda Galloway Ms. Lisa Maner    
Mr. Joey Ginn Mr. Preston Mathis    
Mr. Brad Griffin Mr. Brendan Murphy    

Board of Director Nominations

Each year, individuals in the community who wish to be on the Foundation Board must complete and submit an application to be considered.  Nominations are held in the fall of each year.  A call for  nominations begins on December 2nd and ends on January 3rd each year.  For more information, please contact Margie Mazur, Executive Director at [email protected] 

The nomination form is available here ➡ Nomination Form